To leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and our Dragon community to evolve humanity and the world.


Founded and led by Robert Zangrillo, Dragon Global is a private investment firm that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and our Dragon community to achieve superior investor returns. We offer our limited partners access to our Fund of Funds / Co-Sponsor /Co-Investment platform, across venture capial and real estate asset classes. Dragon Global’s current and predecessor funds have managed investments in excess of $1 billion in companies that now have over $1 trillion of market value. 

As founders, operators, and investors, we strive to be the best partners for entrepreneurs and venture capital firms building market-transforming consumer and enterprise companies leveraging artificial intelligence and our Dragon community. All of our partners at Dragon Global are former operators, and a few of us continue to run operating companies as our day job.

As strategic real estate investors, we partner with local developers to help invest in and shape communities. Our focus is on developing Live, Work, Play, and Learn communities focused on innovation with four key pillars: Art & Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Sustainability, and Technology. Our investments currently include over 8 million square feet of mixed use vertical development located in Miami, Florida.

 Dragon Global is headquartered in Miami, Florida.


We host the top founders, venture capitalists, hedge fund and crypto investors, biotechnology scientists, and real estate developers to provide a unique global community committed to sharing unique experiences and personal connections with a shared commitment to evolve humanity and the world.


We are building a unique, innovative, artificial intelligence company to enhance investor returns, empower our portfolio companies, provide our co-investment partners with valuable insights, provide strategic advice to our LPs, and deliver research and industry specific information to our community.

What We Do

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