Alex Soltani

Alex Soltani, Skyview Capital

Skyview Capital LLC is a privately held investment firm headquartered in Los Angeles, operating their worldwide portfolio of assets.

Skyview specializes in acquiring and unlocking the unrealized potential within market-leading businesses across a variety of sectors. Founded and led by Alex Soltani, Skyview combines entrepreneurial acumen with focused expertise and resolve.

Skyview acquires non-core carve-outs and private companies within industries that they understand well, ensuring that they play a significant and strategic role by providing valuable financial and high-level management expertise. Skyview has created long-term value and growth through private company acquisition, restructuring opportunities, and corporate divestitures.

Skyview prides themselves in their intense focus, operational commitment, speed to closure, strategic management, and hands-on approach to investing—all in the interest of long-term sustainable growth and success.