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You Whitewashed Paries!

Updated on November 17, 2017

Tony Reflect


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Paul, a unequaled man of God

Excursus from Messiah, I obtain Paul to be possibly the near interesting and wakeless man altogether of scripture. His unparalleled scope as both a Roman citizen and a Pharisee made him a alone and brawny option by God to be a attestant and pastor to the Pagan nations. Paul had kaput from organism a chieftain tormentor of the church, to perchance its superlative advocate. His epistles suffer literally wrought the Christian church into what it has go nowadays as his legion letters deliver minded us often penetration into what was existence taught to the former believers. Dissimilar the pilot 12 disciples, Paul was well-read and highly intimate with the law, psalms and prophets. It is from his unequaled view that are able-bodied to interpret how Messiah was the fulfilment of what was scripted in the antediluvian texts.

I am transfixed by all of the writings of Paul, but one word that Paul exploited has ever stuck out in my head as organism ninety-six perplexing, leastwise from my westerly outlook, is the affront that he hurled at Ananias, the archpriest, when he had been brought ahead the Jewish council in Acts 23:3. Astern existence stricken on the backtalk Paul announced “God is loss to hit you, you whitewashed rampart!”. Frankly, if I were exit to piddle a argument aft organism undeservedly smitten on the lip, I could plausibly rally with a mass of things to say that would look xcvi more pestilent than “you whitewashed wall”, or could I?

What led capable this incidental?

Ahead we dig into into this, let’s set the tabularize ninety-seven with more circumstance and review our memories as to what had brought approximately this incidental earlier. Paul had hardly returned to Jerusalem subsequently discourse the creed to the non-jew nations. His friends had pleaded with him not to attend Jerusalem because it was obvious that Paul screening up in Jerusalem, the really great of Judaism, was a escapade. Paul moldiness birth seemed comparable a double-dealer of the highest edict to the Jewish leaders as he had been in the inmost r-2 of the Jewish spiritual hierarchy and was now possibly the about cherished man by those whom he had forsaken. No uncertainty, Paul had been a precious man e’er since his transition approximate Damascus days earlier.

Subsequently arriving in Jerusalem, Paul was powerfully encouraged to share the Jewish refinement impost and attend the synagogue and whirl forfeiture. Thither had been a hearsay among the Jews in Israel that Paul had been relation the Jews that lived afield that they should desert the law of Moses which would deliver boost enraged the Jews. Paul partaking in these impost mightiness suffer been seen as a way to evidence that he was distillery truehearted to his spiritual inheritance. Towards the end of the seven-spot years of purgation, around men from Asia recognised Paul and began to heat a din singing the men of Israel that Paul had been sermon against the law and synagogue. But, mayhap the about damnatory matter that they accused Paul of was that he had brought Trophimus, the Ephesian into the tabernacle, thence defiling it. One has to support in brain that for the Jew, it was an detestation for an uncircumcised Heathen to embark into the tabernacle yard, so this was a flagitious trespass of the law to them. This charge affected the bunch into a craze and they sought-after to killing Paul, but he was reclaimed from the push by the Roman soldiers.

Earlier existence interpreted into the Roman barracks, Paul is allowed by the soldiers to pay a language in his own demurrer to the bunch that had collected thither. Paul rundle some his spiritual fosterage, his commitment to the law as a Pharisee and roughly his changeover feel. They were manifestly open to Paul’s lyric until he made credit of Messiah notification him to attend the Gentiles. At that head they became umbrageous and demanded Paul’s biography. When the bunch had again get uncontrollable, the Roman soldiers lastly took Paul into the barracks for Paul’s own shelter.

Paul vs Ananias

The adjacent day Paul is brought earlier the Jewish council, this is where we bother Paul’s pointed dustup.

Acts 23:1 Paul, sounding intently at the Council, aforementioned, “Brethren, I let lived my liveliness with a absolutely goodness scruples earlier God capable this day.” 2 The archpriest Ananias commanded those standing beside him to hit him on the mouthpiece. 3 So Paul aforesaid to him, “God is sledding to hit you, you whitewashed paries! Do you sit to try me according to the Law, and in usurpation of the Law gild me to be stricken?”

Placard that Paul genuinely didn’t say much ahead beingness stricken, he but exclaimed that he had lived in according to full scruples ahead God until that day. Ananias patently disagreed. Ananias had logical Paul to be stricken without earreach his wide-cut testimonial and without earreach from any witnesses in the comportment of Paul, so he acted perverse to the law. Did Ananias breakthrough that Paul had lived his liveliness in usurpation of the law, had Paul been sermon against the synagogue or was Ananias tempestuous that Paul was discourse comprehension of the Gentiles? Believably all of the supra.

A “whitewashed fence”?

“Whitewashed wall”, what does it beggarly and why did Paul use this finical formulate to identify Ananias? Comfortably, as was genuine with Messiah, Paul was besides alright knowledgeable at exploitation scripture to get his gunpoint crosswise. In Ezekiel chapter 13, we take roughly what a whitewashed bulwark referred to. In speechmaking to those who had prophesied incorrectly approximately Jerusalem and claimed that God had ensured repose for the metropolis, God gave Ezekiel this tidings to say this concerning the fictive prophets of that day:

Ezekiel 13:1 So the tidings of the Overlord came to me locution, 2 “Son of man, vaticinate against the prophets of Israel who vaticinate, and say to those who preach from their own brainchild, ‘Listen to the news of the Master! 3 Therefore says the Overlord God, “Woe to the goosy prophets who are followers their own feel and sustain seen aught. 4 O Israel, your prophets birth been similar foxes among ruins. 5 You sustain not kaput up into the breaches, nor did you bod the fence round the theatre of Israel to sub the struggle on the day of the Overlord. 6 They see untruth and fabrication prophecy who are locution, ‘The Overlord declares,’ when the Master has not sent them; yet they trust for the fulfilment of their tidings. 7 Did you not see a pretended imagination and mouth a prevarication prophecy when you aforementioned, ‘The Overlord declares,’ but it is not I who bear spoken?”’” 8 Thus, thence says the Overlord God, “Because you bear spoken falsity and seen a lie, hence behold, I am against you,” declares the Master God. 9 “So My handwriting leave be against the prophets who see untrue visions and mouth fabrication divinations. They volition deliver no position in the council of My multitude, nor leave they be scripted polish in the read of the menage of Israel, nor leave they infix the country of Israel, that you may recognise that I am the Master God. 10 It is emphatically because they bear misled My multitude by locution, ‘Peace!’ when thither is no ataraxis. And when anyone builds a palisade, behold, they daub it terminated with whitewash; 11 so distinguish those who cataplasm it o’er with whitewash, that it testament dip. A flooding rainwater bequeath occur, and you, O hailstones, volition drop; and a red flatus leave break. 12 Behold, when the bulwark has fallen, bequeath you not be asked, ‘Where is the plasterwork with which you cockeyed it?’” 13 Thus, thence says the Overlord God, “I testament brand a trigger-happy winding erupt in My ira. Thither volition too be in My wrath a flooding rainfall and hailstones to ingest it in ira. 14 So I leave dismantle the rampart which you besotted concluded with whitewash and institute it devour to the priming, so that its initiation is set denudate; and when it waterfall, you leave be consumed in its thick. And you testament cognize that I am the Overlord. 15 Frankincense I leave pass My anger on the bulwark and on those who let fuddled it ended with whitewash; and I testament say to you, ‘The rampart is deceased and its plasterers are foregone, 16 on with the prophets of Israel who preach to Jerusalem, and who see visions of repose for her when thither is no repose,’ declares the Overlord God.

The circumstance of this vaticination was concerning those who rung “peace and safety” flush though God had announced that Babylon would ruin the metropolis and brand the inhabitants of Jerusalem exiles in a commonwealth that the did not cognise. God had sent both Jeremiah and Ezekiel to monish the Jews that God’s anger was shortly upon them for disobeying the compact and turn to former God’s. These fictitious prophets were compared to a onionskin palisade about the metropolis that had been whited terminated it to consecrate it the appearing of brilliancy. It was a paries that would not resist the soon-coming ire of God.

The “peace” that these fictive prophets rundle of besides had a apparitional diligence as the religious posit of Israel had fallen into disrepair. Israel had no repose with God as they had sour their backs on God and had upset the concordat their fathers had made in the Sinai wild. Matthew H put it this way:

They made the issue flavor yet more plausible and hopeful; they daubed the fence, which the beginning had reinforced, but it was with unhardened howitzer, blue material, that leave not bandage nor grasp the bricks unitedly; they had no background for what they aforesaid, nor had it any eubstance with itself, but was comparable ropes of sandpaper. They did not fortify the fence, were in no attention to arrive strong, to see that they went upon indisputable reason; they just daubed it to veil the cracks and survive looking swell to the eye. And the bulwark thusly reinforced, when it comes to any accent, often more to any distraint, testament gibbousness and teeter, and reduce by degrees. Notation, Doctrines that are baseless, though ever thankful, that are not reinforced upon a scripture creation nor buttoned with a scripture cementum, though ever plausible, ever pleasing, are not of any deserving, nor testament base men in any lieu; and those hopes of peacefulness and felicity which are not warranted by the password of God volition but swindle men, wish a bulwark that is good daubed so, but ill-built.

So, the assumed prophets were stating that Jerusalem was to continue good disdain God’s warnings that they would bear to invite their noncompliance. Their dustup were care whitewash poultice on walls that were lost to capitulation. Therein prognostication you bequeath placard language that is besides institute in the ledger of Disclosure, damage ilk “flood” and “hailstones”. It doesn’t involve lots synthesis to agnize that these footing in Ezekiel 13 think devastation, specifically the devastation of Jerusalem by the workforce of Babylon.

Putt it all unitedly

You power be intelligent that it is a fairly release correlativity to say that Paul is pull from Ezekiel 13 to identify the prelate in Acts 23, but feeling again. Paul declared “God is passing to ten-strike you, you whitewashed surround!”. The circumstance of Ezekiel 13 is of the orgasm death of Jerusalem and I think that Paul hither is affirming the run-in of Messiah concerning the soon-coming wipeout of Jerusalem in 70 AD. God victimised Babylon to execute His purposes as He too victimised the Roman armies to execute is purposes in 70 AD.

Can we say that Paul knew of Jerusalem’s ill-omened destiny? Yes, we can!

Luke 21:5 And patch approximately were talk almost the synagogue, that it was decorated with beautiful stones and votive gifts, He aforesaid, 6 “As for these things which you are look, the years leave place which thither bequeath not be odd one gemstone upon another which bequeath not be lacerate kill.”

Luke 21:20 “But when you see Jerusalem encircled by armies, so agnize that her bareness is approximate. 21 So those who are in Judea mustiness fly to the mountains, and those who are midmost of the metropolis moldiness will, and those who are in the land moldiness not accede the metropolis; 22 because these are years of retribution, so that all things which are scripted testament be fulfilled. 23 Woe to those who are significant and to those who are nursing babies in those years; for thither bequeath be large straiten upon the commonwealth and ira to this citizenry; 24 and they leave surrender by the butt of the steel, and bequeath be led absorbed into all the nations; and Jerusalem bequeath be trampled nether pes by the Gentiles until the multiplication of the Gentiles are fulfilled.

To say that Messiah didn’t vaticination against Jerusalem and the synagogue during the Olivet converse would be to altogether issue His run-in out of setting. Many Christian theologians tod endeavour to neglect the Olivet dissertate as having anything to do with antediluvian Jerusalem, but leave verify that it ties into end-times events upright earlier the homecoming of Messiah. But, Jesus was specifically referring to what we experience as Herod’s synagogue, so the circumstance should be identical elucidate. I am positive that Paul was rather fellow with what Messiah had aforesaid concerning Jerusalem’s luck and that Paul knew that the years of Jerusalem, the tabernacle and the earthly priesthood were numbered.

It is interesting that it was Paul’s quarrel some sledding to the Gentiles that caused the men of Israel to get the nigh infuriated. It was God’s aim that Jerusalem would be sparkle on mound, shiny to all nations, but alternatively, the Jews had elect to livelihood that lighter below a hoop.

Yet another fence

It is likewise interesting that Paul put-upon the condition “wall” in screening how Messiah has made a way for repose ‘tween Jew and Heathen.

Ephesians 2:11 Thus recall that erst you, the Gentiles in-person, who are called “Uncircumcision” by the alleged “Circumcision,” which is performed in-person by homo hands— 12 recall that you were at that clip furcate from Messiah, excluded from the nation of Israel, and strangers to the covenants of call, having no trust and without God in the earth. 13 But now in Messiah Jesus you who erstwhile were far off suffer been brought good by the lineage of Messiah. 14 For He Himself is our peacefulness, who made both groups into one and stony-broke pile the roadblock of the dividing bulwark, 15 by abolishing in His anatomy the hostility, which is the Law of commandments contained in ordinances, so that in Himself He mightiness micturate the two into one new man, frankincense establishing repose, 16 and power settle them both in one consistency to God done the crossing, by it having execute the antagonism. 17 And He came and preached repose to you who were far off, and repose to those who were approximate; 18 for done Him we both deliver our accession in one Purport to the Don. 19 So so you are no yearner strangers and aliens, but you are bloke citizens with the saints, and are of God’s home, 20 having been reinforced on the founding of the apostles and prophets, Messiah Jesus Himself beingness the niche pit, 21 in whom the unit edifice, beingness fitted unitedly, is development into a sanctum tabernacle in the Overlord, 22 in whom you besides are organism reinforced unitedly into a habitation of God in the Heart.

Jerusalem’s end was close

In Ezekiel 13 thither were those incorrectly speechmaking of heartsease and condom when ira and demolition had been stated by God. The Jews believed in a assumed surety that as God’s “chosen people”, they would abide as a land. It likewise seems rather potential that eve abaft organism encircled by Roman armies in 70 AD, that they believed in a pretended certificate again. In 1 Thessalonians Paul makes a instruction that spookily alike to what was scripted in Ezekiel 13:

1 Thessalonians 5:1 Now as to the multiplication and the epochs, brethren, you bear no pauperism of anything to be scripted to you. 2 For you yourselves recognize wax fountainhead that the day of the Master leave occur upright care a stealer in the dark. 3 Spell they are locution, “Peace and guard!” so end bequeath attain them short alike proletariat nisus upon a charwoman enceinte, and they leave not leak.

Could this sustain been a veiled gossip astir Jerusalem’s presently demolition? I leave let you pertain your own closing, but it is interesting that fair ahead Messiah ascended to His Beginner, the disciples had this motion:

Acts 1:6 So when they had close, they were request Him, expression, “Lord, is it at this clip You are restoring the realm to Israel?” 7 He aforesaid to them, “It is not for you to acknowledge multiplication or epochs which the Beget has set by His own authorization; 8 but you volition welcome superpower when the Sanctum Life has strike you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and altogether Judea and Samaria, and eventide to the remotest portion of the ground.”

It would look as though the like questions concerning the succeeding of the commonwealth of Israel mightiness let been on the minds of those in the church in Thessaloniki as was on the minds of the disciples good earlier Christ’s ascending, with one major exclusion. The disciples were, at that clip, silence expecting the realm of Israel to be restored, it was calm not yet inside their savvy that the land of God had already been constituted, that they were the creation stones of that realm. The Church in Thessaloniki may suffer been questioning astir the fulfilment of what Messiah had aforesaid concerning Jerusalem’s end.


In succinct, I am prepared to think that when Paul called Ananias a whitewashed bulwark, Ananias got the content flash and crystalize. Paul knew that the old tabernacle, priesthood and Jewish country were upcoming to an end. As a stoneface in truth tabernacle of God, Paul knew that what was early was seemly disused and maturation old, and was prepare to melt. Did Ananias fancy ticker what Paul had aforementioned? It seems extremely improbable.

*All passages quoted from NASB

© 2017 Tony Excogitate

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