Robert Zangrillo

Robert (“Bob”) Zangrillo is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Dragon Global. Zangrillo is a veteran investor and executive in eCommerce, Data-Driven Businesses, Entertainment Media, Mobility, and Social Networking Sectors. His talents for providing significant financial returns for his investors and building teams dedicated to delivering leading industry solutions are widely known. Over the last several years, Zangrillo has diversified into commercial real estate development where he has led investments in up-and-coming emerging neighborhoods in Miami.

Over the last eight years, Zangrillo has built Dragon Global into one of the leading venture growth firms based on his track record of investing in the leading technology growth companies, including but not limited to Didi Chuxing, Facebook,, Twitter, and Uber Technologies. Zangrillo has over twenty-five years of experience in venture capital with a remarkable track record. He has been a pioneer in the venture growth investment area where he has led some of the largest primary and secondary investments. Zangrillo was one of the earliest late stage venture growth investors in Facebook. During the period from 2008-2012, Zangrillo became one of the largest late stage investors in Facebook, through multiple predecessor funds, leading to his founding of Dragon Global.

Zangrillo was both one of the early visionaries to recognize the enormous potential of social media in 2008 and Internet commerce in 1995 and how they both would transform the way business is conducted in the new global economy. Over the last twenty-five years, Zangrillo has been a prominent figure in the Internet community, with significant roles as a Chairman, CEO, venture capital investor, active executive director and advisor to high-growth companies.